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On Being a Good Father: A Summer Organizer’s Reflection


Troy D., 24, a father of a one-year-old daughter, summer organizer and teacher in St. Mary Parish, LA

I never had it made, but diligence, combined with the Student and Fiscal Responsibility Act, is allowing me to pursue an advanced degree and provide a brighter outlook for my family. As an undergraduate student with a family, I had to learn that good fathers are true believers who know that failure is not an option.

I graduated from college when my daughter was three-months-old, and now that I'm a teacher and full-time graduate student, I continue to be a role model for my community. I work hard to guide my family into a successful path. I also seek to inspire my students as well, to show them that there are fathers who care, and that there are men in the community who are there for them.

As a summer organizer, it feels good to know that the nation has the courage to fight the good fight and the faith to keep pressing onward. This is the approach that I take as I raise my one-year-old daughter, Corinne. I know that the harder I work and study, the better life I will earn for my daughter. And I believe that being a good father is setting a standard in my family and my community. Our success today is paramount to the success of our children.


Troy D. is a one of several hard-working summer organizers who have committed their time to further our efforts to build a better future for America. On Twitter? Follow their progress with the hashtag #SumOrg11.

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