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Walter: "President Obama is fighting for businesses like mine"


Ink Jet Express in Toledo sells just that—ink.

Walter C. opened the business five and a half years ago, and has been providing a valuable service to the community ever since—affordable ink. Employing three people, Ink Jet Express refills empty ink cartridges, supplies customers with items like laser toners and fax machine ribbons.

Walter also volunteers, and lays out why:

“The things he pushes for are really needed, for my family and the folks I know. From the Affordable Care Act to lower taxes for the middle class, he’s doing an excellent job. He’s pushing for fairness and inclusion in the government.”

Walter appreciates that President Obama is fighting for small business owners like him:

“He’s helped us. The tax cuts have helped our bottom line, and that’s important at a time when we’re struggling to keep our heads above water. We work hard and do our best to expand.”

Considering Mitt Romney’s track record with Bain Capital—outsourcing jobs and loading companies up with debt for a profit—Walter doesn’t think Romney has his back:

“When Mitt was in business he was successful, but he was successful for himself and for people that already had a ton of money, not for the middle class and the unfortunate. On the other hand, President Obama is fighting for businesses like mine.”

That’s why Walter volunteers, and why he’s a Small Business Owner for Obama.

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