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Voting early puts some pep in Ohio’s step

Barack Obama in Columbus - October 9th

After hearing from President Obama speak in front of 15,000 Buckeyes on Tuesday, students boarded buses to vote early and make their voice heard. After they voted, they joined a growing line-dance party to celebrate their voices being heard.

Sara, a Columbus State Community College student:

"I'm on a bus right now to go vote—it's an adventure. This is my first year voting and I've never seen the President speak before, so I really wanted to be at the Oval. I agree with everything President Obama said during his speech and everything he stands for, especially the repeal of DADT and expansion of Pell Grants. I go to school on the Pell Grant and it'd be tough without it. I'm excited to vote in my first election, and early. I got chills during the speech."

Austin, a freshman at OSU

"I'm voting early after seeing President Obama. It was a great speech, hitting so many important points. I loved the energy at the rally—it was almost as intense as OSU football games. I already planned on voting for him, but after hearing him speak I have even more motivation to get my vote in and get him back in office. I have homework to get to, but I'm voting today because it's important to make my voice heard."

Joe & India, two OSU students:

India: "It's been crazy here. I think voting is a reason to celebrate—we want change. I'm in the army, and this is a huge election for me and my friends who are overseas. It was great to vote early in my first presidential election. I'm happy I got my ballot in—it's been a great experience. We're dancing because there's good music, everyone's happy, and we're celebrating voting."
Joe: "It's about education for me. I believe that President Obama is fighting for college students, for me. We went to the rally to support him and hear him speak, then we came here to early vote and get it done."
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