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Ted Strickland on the Heartland Tour


Drawing big crowds in Ohio's heartland, former Governor Ted Strickland laid out how President Obama has fought for a rural economy built to last:

The President believes that every part of Ohio is important. All 88 counties—from our major urban centers to our rural areas to our small cities and towns. And this week, during the heartland tour, we’re making it known. We are coming together to protect the progress President Obama has made for our rural communities.

Progress like making 18 small business tax cuts, securing funding for 400 community health centers, and investing in hundreds of infrastructure projects that make our communities more stable and put rural Ohioans back to work. Progress like tax cuts for the middle class, increasing the availability of crop insurance, and investing in rural infrastructure, wind energy, health care, and broadband.

Help protect the progress by signing up to volunteer today.

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