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Seven days

Early vote in Ohio begins in seven days. And we're going to fight to win every day from now until November 6th. Because we're not just counting ballots on Election Night in Ohio—we'll be adding up the votes from here on out. We need to go into the last leg of this election with a lead.

One week from today, we'll have our first chance to score a win for President Obama and Ohio Democrats. Thousands of people are going to cast their ballots, and you should, too.

Commit to vote on October 2nd—and score an early victory for our side.

Just look at the history. Nearly one-third of Ohioans cast their ballots early in 2008, getting Barack Obama a win right out of the gate. If those folks hadn't made it to the polls during that early vote period, Barack Obama could have lost Ohio on Election Day. Simple as that.

How we did it then, and how we're going to do it this year, is with the help of the fired-up, ready-to-go supporters like you. The people who vote early so they can volunteer and help get out the vote on Election Day. And the people who are just plain excited to cast their vote for our president, Barack Obama, one last time.

Come out and vote with us on October 2nd. Make a commitment now—and we'll see you out at the polls.

Commit to vote
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