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Romney-Ryan economics: yes to millionaires, no to Medicare


With the selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney’s message to seniors and the middle class is the same as his message to the American auto industry—let them go bankrupt.

The Romney-Ryan plan would end Medicare as we know it, privatize social security, and slash Pell grants.

Jim, a retired teacher in Zanesville, shares why he’s opposed to it:

“We're talking about elderly people paying more. I've worked in public schools for 40 years, and I deserve Medicare. Without it, I’d be paying quite a bit of money for my health insurance, and to turn that into a voucher program would be awful.”

Jim is concerned about what a Romney-Ryan ticket means for Ohioans:

“It's about the middle-class, and having a good retirement. A lot of people depend on social security, and it has to be saved, and they’d privatize it. We've got to protect programs that help America's seniors.”
“They want to get the rich to get richer. If they won the election, they would also try to repeal Obamacare. That would be bad for seniors who rely on healthcare, for people with pre-existing conditions, and private insurance companies would be able to charge what they wanted. It would be a huge financial burden on everyone.”

Under the Romney-Ryan plan, seniors would be forced to pay an extra $6,400 to keep up with rising health costs.

That’s an economic plan that Ohio just can’t afford. To get the facts on the Romney-Ryan plan, visit, and say you’re with Obama-Biden while you’re at it.

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