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Romney and Kasich: One and the same

Romney and Kasich—One in the Same

Ohio Press Secretary Jessica Kershaw released the following statement in response to Gov. Kasich's speech at the Republican National Convention:

“John Kasich’s speech tonight was just more of what we have seen from the Romney/Ryan ticket during this campaign—empty rhetoric and false attacks.

The fact is, Governor John Kasich and Mitt Romney have been uniquely bad for Ohio and our workers—from trying to strap the budget crisis on the backs of our state's firefighters, teachers, police and other public servants to opposing the President’s rescue of the auto industry, and with it 1 in 8 jobs in Ohio.

And when it comes to women’s health, both Romney and Kasich have been extremely wrong, supporting efforts to restrict access to critical care and worse, defund essential health care providers that have proven to save and improve women’s lives.

The fact is, thanks to the President’s policies to cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses, invest in manufacturing, and save the US auto industry which is so vital to our state, Ohio has turned a corner and is helping lead the nation out of the recession.

Governor Kasich’s speech tonight confirmed what Ohioans know too well: taken together, Kasich and Romney would throw Ohio’s middle class under the bus.”

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