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"Protecting our right to enjoy quality hunting and fishing"

Lee H—A Sportsman for Obama

Fundamentally, I support President Obama because he ‘gets it’. He understands the challenges our country faces in terms of the environment, energy independence, education, health care and the economy. His policies are driven by what is in the best interest of all Americans, not just a few. His approach to governing is the way we must manage our wildlife—fact based.

I have lived on the shores of Lake Erie my entire life and still marvel at its beauty and it's capabilities as a fishery resource. But Lake Erie is fragile, and it requires careful management to preserve its health. President Obama recognized this fact and supported a $5 billion fund to clean up the Great Lakes and enhance water quality and fishing.

I have been a waterfowl hunter since I was 11 years old and thank President Obama for his leadership in preserving our water for generations to come and increasing our access to this pristine resource.

While President Obama has proven he is a friend of the sportsman, Romney's record of raiding funds set aside for hunting and fishing programs and raising fees on gun and boat owners as Governor of Massachusetts indicates that he is not.

I believe President Obama is the candidate looking out for me.

There are a number of reasons to re-elect President Obama, and protecting our right to enjoy quality hunting and fishing is chief among them.

Stand by him and join me as a Sportsman or Sportswoman for Obama today.

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