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President Bill Clinton on Romney’s Jeep Ad: "Biggest Load of Bull in the World"

On the heels of Mitt Romney’s new wildly deceptive television ad based on false claims, President Bill Clinton reminded voters in Youngstown, Ohio today that Romney turned his back on the auto industry and that Americans can’t trust him to stand up for them.

When the auto industry faced collapse, it was President Obama who bet on the America worker, saving more than a million auto-industry jobs up and down the supply chain, and now Jeep just saw its best September sales in six years and is adding more than a thousand jobs in Ohio.

But as President Clinton noted, Mitt Romney had different plans. He said that we should just “let Detroit go bankrupt.” And his new misleading ad reeks of desperation. That’s why President Clinton referenced it as the “biggest load of bull in the world” in the video above.

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