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Ohio's 100th office opening


Walk into Ohio’s 100th office, opened in Massillon last night, and you’ll notice that Stark County isn’t just football country—it’s Obama country.

Buzzing like the 99 other offices across the Buckeye State, Massillon opened its doors in grand fashion: with delicious food, homemade cookies, a visit from the Heartland RV, and a renewed focus on re-electing President Obama.

Shannon, a field organizer, lays out why the Massillon office is an important addition to the city:

“We’re building a community where people feel like they can pop in at any time and volunteer for an hour when they get a chance. People have been coming up to me and saying ‘we’re here and we’re ready to work—what do you need us to do?’ They’re asking me how they can help get out the vote, they’re signing up to volunteer, and in general, people are fired up and excited to re-elect the President. They know they’re a part of something special and important here.”

Debbie, a neighborhood team leader who helped open the office, shares why she supports the President:

“I support President Obama because of his values. He cares about 100% of Americans, rather than just half of the country. When he promised us health care reform, we got the Affordable Care Act. When he promised to rescue the auto industry, he rescued the auto industry. He’s committed to education and clean energy. It all comes down to values and taking care of each other—that’s what guides him, and that’s why I support him.”

Debbie’s been an active supporter of Barack Obama since 2007, and fondly recalls walking into the Massillon office in 2008 and asking how she could help out. In front of the packed crowd last night, Debbie made sure that everyone knew their help wasn’t just needed, but that it is essential to the President’s re-election.

Shannon says stories like Debbie’s aren’t uncommon, but they remain a constant source of motivation:

“It’s amazing how committed people are to re-electing President Obama. Every day I hear a new powerful story, and this office is a hub of stories, of personal reasons that fuel the passion of our volunteers.”

New organizing hubs are still opening across Ohio every day. Find your local office now to get in on the action.

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