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Ohio University students on President Obama's visit

President Obama was greeted by a fired up and ready to go crowd in Athens, Ohio on Wednesday. Check out the photo album above and read what students thought below.

Kyle, a political science student:

"I support him because of his views on women's health, financial aid, and reforming student loans. I'm voting for President Obama because I'm a student and I know he cares about me. It's my first time voting in a presidential election, and I'm more excited than you could imagine to vote for him. It's awesome that he's here at OU, and that I have the opportunity to see him.

I thought Obama totally defeated Romney in Tuesday's debate. It was great to see, because I think we would see alot of de-regulation, a lot of the same failed policies, and our foreign policy and relationship with other nations would be taken off track if Romney were elected."

Haley, a first year video production student:

"It's really a once in a lifetime experience to see the president speak. I'm voting for President Obama because I believe in the future he can offer us. Without financial aid, I wouldn't be able to attend this school, but thanks to President Obama I can achieve my dreams. My brother got injured pretty badly at work, and without Obamacare, he'd be in $50,000 of debt right now, for a life saving surgery that he needed.

I voted early already at the Athens Board of Election because I didn't want to have to risk not being able to vote with my class schedule."

Darryl, a fourth-year sports management student:

"I played Football last year, and have a lot of OU pride. It's an honor that the President is here. I'm still undecided, but some of the issues that make me lean towards Obama are his openness to people and diversity, and the fact that he doesn't want to give tax breaks to the rich. I watched the debate the other night and Romney seemed to be a little off with his facts, and it made me lean towards Obama a little more."
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