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Nancy and Sam both know: It Takes One


Sam, a field organizer, and Nancy, a neighborhood team leader, work tirelessly to rally support for the President in Ohio. Both of them helped introduce First Lady Michelle Obama in Westerville, and both are fired up for the work ahead.

Sam helped kick off the event:

“I was really nervous and excited, but it was wonderful to share the stage with the First Lady. It was really validating. Working in the field isn’t always glamorous, but today was great. And I loved hearing from her. I always tell my team that it’s going to be close, and come down to just one or two precincts, and it was great to hear her say that too.”

Nancy, the Neighborhood Team Leader in Sunbury, met the First Lady backstage before introducing her to the crowd in Westerville:

“I was pacing nervously, waiting to go on, but I got to see her before I got on stage, and she gave me a hug. She’s very sweet. She said, ‘Thank you very much for all the work you do.’”

When the event ended, Nancy was repeatedly stopped and complimented on her speech. She recruited two people to come to her events, and she encouraged them to bring their friends.

“People told me I didn’t even look nervous out there, but I find that hard to believe. It was very exciting and a lot of fun. I’m sure I’ll remember this day forever. All my relatives want to see what I did, and I told my friend to put the photos up on Dashboard!”

The First Lady spoke about the It Takes One initiative, an effort to motivate everyone to commit to doing just one thing to help build the campaign. Sam and Nancy are both excited to reach more people through this movement.

“I’m excited about It Takes One because I think it’s a really great chance to grow our organization. If someone’s best friend is like, ‘Hey, I’m making phone calls and it’s really fun, and you should too,’ then we have two phone bankers instead of one. The more people we have involved the better,” Sam says.
“It’s a multiplicative thing. So I love the idea of It Takes One. It’s going to be particularly important in the fall. I think if we do what Michelle wants us to do, it shouldn't be too hard to manage,” Nancy says.

Sam, Nancy and folks all over Ohio are taking November into their own hands by joining us this weekend. Follow their lead and RSVP to an It Takes One event near you.

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