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"My absentee ballot is already on its way"

Zoeann C., a sophomore at Ohio Wesleyan University, didn't just see the First Lady speak on Monday. She played the saxophone for her:

"When we first found out, I was nervous. It’s a big deal to play for the First Lady. But then I got excited. I love Michelle Obama—she’s so real. She’s sort of like one of my high school teachers; she’s very honest and down to earth. The energy in that room was just like a football game."

For Zoeann, there are plenty of reasons to support President Obama:

"I feel like I’m being attacked as a woman from the other side, so it was great to hear her talk about those issues. And as a student with a lot of student loans, it was good to hear her talk about what President Obama has done to make college more affordable and loans easier to pay off."

On Monday, Michelle Obama voted by mail for President Obama, and asked the folks at OWU to vote early. Zoeann was one step ahead:

"My absentee ballot is already on its way to Hamilton County, and the reason I voted for President Obama is because he’s looking out for hard working Americans like me."

Follow Zoeann's lead—vote early for President Obama today.

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