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Move-in day at Ohio State: “Monumental”

OSU move in 2

When it comes to voter registration at The Ohio State University, only one word can describe Sunday’s freshman move-in: Monumental.

Regional Field Director Ethan Frey:

“We knew it was going to be a big day, so we had tons of volunteers ready to help us register voters. It was a huge team effort. Voter registration is our top priority—we want to make sure every student is registered and understands the convenience of voting on campus, where they live.”

Together, the team registered over 2,600 voters in one day.

Every inch of The Ohio State University was covered with volunteers—Ethan’s team had their bases covered:

“It was monumental for our team. At the end of the day we realized we had beyond exceeded our goals—and there were cheers and clapping all around.”
OSU Move in 1

From expanding access to tax credits to doubling Pell grants, President Obama has done a lot to make college more affordable and accessible, so incoming students at Ohio State greeted Ethan’s team with much excitement.

“The freshman on campus are excited to register to vote and vote for President Obama for the first time. And the seniors are fired up to keep this country moving forward by re-electing President Obama.”

Registering to vote is as easy as walking into one of our offices. Get started today, stay informed, and find an event near you to join our team in registering every last Ohioan to vote.

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