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Launching the new Made in Ohio online tool

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For Ohioans across the state, from Youngstown to Cincinnati, the auto recovery has meant one thing: jobs.

When I meet with neighbors and friends right here in the Buckeye State, their stories and experiences reinforce how real the impact of the auto recovery has been. That's why we're launching the new Made in Ohio online tool. Explore stories from across the state and share them with your friends, family and other Ohioans.

In 2009, at the height of the recession, President Obama made a bet on the American worker. Because of his decision, the auto industry avoided disaster and America's big three automakers are back.

The auto industry helps support one out of eight jobs in Ohio—and the big three are now posting profits for the first time in seven years, back from the brink of extinction. Because President Obama made the right call, thousands of Ohioans are hard at work—from the folks who labor in your local body shop, to the waitresses in restaurants where our state's auto workers and auto parts manufacturers go to grab lunch.

Behind the statistics are the stories of our neighbors directly impacted by the auto industry in Ohio—of workers proud of the jobs kept right here at home, of parents able to provide for their kids, and of towns coming back from the edge. Together, we're making a comeback.

Take a moment to read some of these stories, and share our Made in Ohio page with your friends.

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