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Kim and Kinsy: “President Obama represents the middle class”

Kim and Kinsy in Ohio

Kim and Kinsy, a mother and daughter from Ohio, were in the audience today when President Obama visited Mansfield Central Park to lay out a few key differences between his tax plan and Mitt Romney's, which would raise taxes for working Americans.

"President Obama represents the middle class, and he wants people to work together," said Kim, a teacher. "I don’t mind paying taxes because I do want social services, but everyone should pay their fair share."

"I work two jobs and it’s hard to pay bills as it is," added Kinsy, a nurse. "Mitt Romney’s plan sounds unfair."

Kim agreed:

"I think Mitt Romney’s plan is ridiculous. Middle-class people are the ones working to provide all the services. As the President said, they’re the ones who should get a tax cut, not the wealthiest Americans."

Read the President's full remarks here.

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