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Joe Biden at Wright State University

Biden Speech

At Wright State University, greeted by a packed crowd, Vice President Joe Biden laid out the stark choice Ohioans will have at the polls this November. Here's what some of the folks at the event had to say:

“It means a lot to me that Joe Biden is here. I've never seen the Vice President or President, even though I campaigned for Obama in Cincinnati when I was 17 in 2008. I'm excited to be here because Obama and Biden are focused on moving our country forward. I can't wait to vote, and I'm probably going to vote early because I'm not sure if I’ll have classes on Election Day.”—Najee, a sophomore at Wright State University


“I'm from a family of 11, and healthcare is really important to us. We support his belief that people should have access to affordable health care. I go to school on a Pell Grant, and I'm actually a campus team leader at Wilberforce University, and we thank President Obama and Vice President Biden for doubling Pell Grants and we know how important it is to re-elect them.”—Charles, a junior at Wilberforce University

“They’ve done a good job making sure veterans have healthcare and making sure that our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming home safe and secure. I thank them for making sure the Veterans Administration is supporting me. Obama is my man.”—Milton, a Vietnam veteran


"President Obama and Joe Biden have the country's best interests at heart. We know that the President is concerned about preserving Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. If Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney had their way health care would get more expensive for folks like us. That's why it's important that everyone get a chance to vote, and I plan to vote early."—Grair, a retiree

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