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Joe: A Navy Veteran for Obama

Joe, a Navy Veteran:

“I served from 1960-1966, when the world was the closet it ever was to nuclear war. I support President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden because they present the only realistic approach to the future. The Republican Party has moved so far to the right on every issue since I can remember, and I don’t want them in power.
Romney didn’t thank the troops for their service or mention our ongoing war in Afghanistan during his convention speech—I think it’s shameful. President Obama understands everyday Americans, and is working hard on their behalf. I support Obama and Biden not for any one reason, but because the future and direction of this country is at stake. That’s why I’m voting for them, and why I’m going to start volunteering to do anything I can to make sure they’re re-elected."

President Obama is committed to fighting for veterans as hard as they've fought for us—stand with him today.

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