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Jessica: “We're very excited in Ohio”

When President Obama stopped in Parma, Ohio, for his Betting on America bus tour, he was greeted by a crowd of excited supporters—including Jessica, a recent high school graduate who is getting ready to start college in the fall.

"I started volunteering with OFA a ways back, and I came out tonight to help. I was working in the parking lot—it's really hot out there! But I was really excited about the opportunity to see our president—he's doing a lot of good things, so I was excited to come out tonight."

Jessica says she'll always stand up for the President because he has her back:

"The things that he's doing for women really stand out to me—that's a big deal. People say that there isn't that much of a difference in how men and women are treated—there is a difference. And I'm glad that the President is taking notice and doing something about it."

"It's pretty cool to have him coming through Parma," she adds. "It's like when you go to that first concert as a kid—you're just thinking, 'Oh my gosh!' He's a normal person, but he's doing really important things for people like us. Because at some point, I'm going to have to live in this economy, and I want someone in office who knows what they're doing and can make a good difference. Bush had eight years to mess it up, they're judging him after four years of trying to fix it. So anything he has to say about moving us forward is going to be good."

When asked what she thinks about the President's chances in her state, Jessica takes a look at the hundreds of people settled on blankets and folding chairs for the event:

"He's absolutely got the support he needs out here—we're very excited in Ohio."

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