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Jacob H: A Small Business Owner for Obama

Jacob H, owner of the Lemon Grove

With the buzz of food being served, conversation being had, and music being played in the background, Jacob H, the owner of the bustling Lemon Grove Café in downtown Youngstown, resolutely claims that without President Obama, his business wouldn’t exist.

Thanks to a grant provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Jacob was able to open the Lemon Grove in the summer of 2009.

Since then, his business has grown to 30 employees, and soon the Lemon Grove will be expanding to a space with 10 times the kitchen size.

“If it hadn’t been for that grant, we wouldn’t be open. We would not have been able to create the 30 jobs we have here, plus all the economic benefits we’ve seen for the arts and culture community with bands playing here, and art on display here.”

Jacob, born and raised in Youngstown, sees his business as a chance for folks of all backgrounds to come together, enjoy good food, and celebrate arts and culture.

He’s also seen significant progress in downtown Youngstown since the recovery:

“We’ve had so many new businesses open down here since 2009—the government has a role of investment in communities, and that investment paid off. The investment that was made in us has paid off for our community. It’s smart business, too.”

Jacob is a Small Business Owner for Obama—and he knows that thanks to President Obama and the 18 small business tax cuts he’s passed, businesses all over Ohio are bouncing back and succeeding.

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