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"I’m part of something great"

"I'm very excited to vote for President Obama in my first election. I'm voting for him because of Pell Grants—I wouldn't be able to afford college without them. Student loan reform is also big—he's already helped me a lot."
"I'm glad he talked about how important education is to our country's future. If Mitt Romney had his way, I'm not sure everyone here today would be able to afford college."
"I plan on voting early for President Obama—I think it's cool, and I want to vote as early as I can so that I can help out on Election Day. I've been registering students on campus to vote, and it makes me feel like I'm part of something great, getting people out there registered and ready to vote."

—Aaron, a first year communications major at Bowling Green State University who helped out at President Obama's event on Wednesday.

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