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"I can tell you that President Obama is fighting for the middle class"


For Robert W., a retired truck driver and veteran, there’s a clear choice in this election:

"I've seen a lot of the world, as a service member in Vietnam and Desert Storm, and as a truck driver here in Ohio. I can tell you that President Obama is fighting for the middle class—and I've paid attention. He's a people person, and he's been representing all Americans."

Robert believes that Mitt Romney isn’t looking out for folks like him:

“Mitt Romney is for the wealthy, not the middle class. You can see it from his track record—he's not looking out for every American. I think his tax plan is crazy—he'd raise taxes on the middle class to give the wealthy a tax break. They've already got money. It doesn't make any sense.”

American manufacturing is the key to a strong economy and middle class, and Robert believes that President Obama is the man for the job:

“We need to bring back manufacturing, and we need to start making things again. President Obama is fighting for that, and that's why I'm voting for him.”

Stand with Veterans like Robert—vote for President Obama today.

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