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For Billie in Bucyrus, It’s Dashboard Official

Zeppa and Billie

Zeppa’s a field organizer for Wyandot and Crawford County, and Billie is the new Bucyrus Neighborhood Team Leader. Together, they’re helping President Obama move America forward.

Without Dashboard, our new organizing tool, Zeppa and Billie would have never met.

“I originally liked Barack Obama’s posts on Facebook, and pretty soon, I was getting updates via email. From there I heard about Dashboard, and if it was something to do with the campaign, I wanted to do whatever I could to help. I signed up and Zeppa gave me a call the same day.”

Zeppa tells the story of how Billie went from a brand new volunteer to a Neighborhood Team Leader:

“She was really excited on the phone—she didn’t expect to hear from someone so quickly. She came to my phonebank that evening, and quickly realized that we needed a more comfortable and quiet location. Instead of complaining, Billie offered to host the next phonebank at her home.”

Billie didn’t just host—she recruited 5 folks to join her and Zeppa the following week. “When I met her I immediately knew she had leadership abilities and a passion for re-electing President Obama,” Zeppa says, and just days later, Billie agreed to lead her team in Bucyrus.

“I can’t afford to donate money, and that’s critical, so since I’m retired, I decided to donate my time do whatever I can,” Billie says.

Now, Billie is the one reaching out to new supporters over Dashboard, inviting them to her phonebanks and into our campaign family, the same way Zeppa did just a month ago.

If you want to protect our progress, there’s an easy way to get started. Join Dashboard today, and connect to your local neighborhood team.

Join Dashboard
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