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Ethan on early voting: making sure your voice is heard

Ethan K., a student at the University of Dayton, knows that ‘It Takes One’ to spread the word about voting early this October and winning in November.

It’s the small steps you take with that one person—the conversation over coffee or with your neighbor in the driveway—that can make the difference. That’s why Ethan is committing to vote early for President Obama, and working to re-elect him as a volunteer.

For Ethan, early voting is about making sure that your voice is heard.

“Voting early allows you to vote on your schedule—not just on Election Day. And when you take the opportunity to vote by mail or in person during early voting hours, it helps to shrink lines on Election Day. This helps you avoid the rush, and might even ease crowds at your polling place so everyone has an easier time. By voting early, you don’t have to worry about emergencies or last minute schedule changes.”

When Ethan heads to the polls, he’ll be voting not only for his future, but for the future of our country.

“It is my patriotic duty to my state and country to vote. We need to make sure we’re electing people who put the country ahead of their own personal gain, who are ethical and are working towards the good of every American. That’s why I’m committing to vote for President Obama.”

Join Ethan and commit to vote early today—and grab a friend while you’re at it.

Commit to vote early
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