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"Double the difference"

On Tuesday, Michelle Obama rocked a packed crowd in Cincinnati and helped Ohioans celebrate the first day of early voting. Here's what folks had to say about the power of their vote—and the importance of casting it early:

"I've watch the First Lady on TV, and she's absolutely fantastic. But she's even better in person. I'm going to vote early because it's convenient, and I want to make sure that we build up a strong lead for President Obama. Every vote counts and makes a difference. This election will be extremely close—if you sit back, things could go the wrong way."—Wayne D, life-long Cincinnati resident
"My pastor and his wife are going to early vote, and my husband and I are going to vote early today too. I want to get it out of the way and get it done—I want to put President Obama on top on day one. Michelle Obama is a powerful woman, and I just love her. I love the idea that It Takes One person, and one vote to make a difference. If I vote early and bring one of my friends to vote early, I've doubled my impact, and made double the difference in this election." Kathy C—retired
"President Obama's done a good job these last four years, especially considering the mess we were in. It's great that the boys are coming home, too. That's why I voted early for President Obama."—Harry B, small business owner, WW2 veteran, and lifelong Cincinnati resident who voted on Tuesday
"Education is something that can't be taken away from you—that's one of the biggest reasons I support President Obama. Voting early is really cool—these are first votes that'll be counted in an amazing democratic process. There are so many attack ads flying around, and this is a time for us to stand up and vote with our convictions for President Obama. —Aaron P, a veteran and student
"I love the First Family because I still believe in hope. One vote can absolutely make a difference—I know I'm making one with mine"—Diana K, retired
Grab a friend and vote
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