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Class is in: Vote Early

Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Dayton - October 23rd

In Dayton Ohio, President Obama made it clear that he and Vice President Biden support education:

"Joe not only loves teachers, but is literally in love with a teacher!"

Ohio teachers return the love by voting early. Retired Dayton Public School teacher, Sandra and her family have the President's back:

"Many of my family have either voted absentee or voted early. My daughter and granddaughter will be voting in Virginia on election day, but I know how important it is to vote early in Ohio. I plan on heading down to my early voting center and casting my ballot soon!"

For 40 year teaching veteran, Maggie, the choice is clear.

"This year its all about the economy, and investment in education is essential for our economy to move forward. We certainly have made strides, but have more to do to make sure people like my nephew, a recent biology graduate, can put his education to work. Education is an economic issue, and President Obama understands that. That's why I'm voting early for him."

Support Ohio's teachers—get out and vote today!

Stand with Ohio's teachers
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