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Office opening of the week: St. Paul, Minnesota

At the new St. Paul field office, supporters leave messages of encouragement on the old dance mirror that lines the wall.

Field offices come in many shapes and sizes, and the St. Paul, Minnesota office comes in the shape of an old dance studio.

“It certainly leads to some fun moments,” says Libby, the regional field director. “People do dance moves across the office.”

Over 400 people turned out for the grand office opening in a residential part of town last Sunday, and Libby and the team haven’t stopped working since.

"Before the opening we canvassed close to the office, leaving leaflets inviting people, and there was a huge response; so many new people came.

"We had 443 at the opening, and one couple I spoke with told me that they just felt so happy to be here, as though by volunteering they were joining a community, and that’s exactly the atmosphere we want to create.

"People have been stopping by all week, some who couldn’t make it to the event on Sunday and others who are walking in off the street, all wanting to know how they can get involved.

"We're in a diverse neighborhood here that's seen a lot of change, and one of our new office murals is going to be celebrating the local community—we want everyone to know they're welcome."

There are field offices opening up in towns and neighborhoods across the country. Look up your closest one and find out what’s going on near you.

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