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Office opening of the week: Northeast Philadelphia

Philadelphia jazz band

With the help of a jazz band, last Friday night Philadelphia volunteers opened the city’s newest office in style—and the excitement built up from there. Volunteer leaders shared why this office and this election are so important to them.

Maureen, a neighborhood team leader, explained what this office opening means for her community:

“It’s amazing to have an office in our neighborhood. Opening the doors of an office here means we have a real presence in the area, and I think people are going to stand up and take notice. We are working hard for President Obama and having a lot of fun while we do it. That type of positive energy makes a real difference.”

Philadelphia office opening

Emory let everyone there know why she’s a part of this campaign:

“Over the last four years, I’ve seen what this President can do, and I’m hopeful for what he can accomplish with another four years. I know he won’t get that chance if we don’t have his back. That’s why I’m working so hard this election.”

Regional Field Director Chris Mewes ended the night by talking about what comes next:

“We only have six weeks left to make sure we elect a president who is fighting for us all. I want to thank everyone who has knocked a door, registered a voter, made a phone call, and been a part of this effort in any way. This office will be the home of that grassroots organizing in Northeast Philadelphia the rest of the way. Let’s work harder than ever to make sure we keep Pennsylvania and America moving forward.”

There are offices just like this one all across America. Be sure to find your neighborhood office and help us finish what we started.

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