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Office opening of the week: McLean, Virginia

McLean office opening

Inside the packed opening of Obama 2012’s McLean office on Monday, Susan looked around and marveled, “It looks like sleepy McLean is coming alive! This is so exciting.”

It was an electric night as 250 McLean supporters streamed through the doors, many carrying trays of food. They lingered at the registration desk and hugged old neighbors. Young children scribbled notes to President Obama (“We love you,” wrote Bella, 6). Elderly residents rested in folding chairs and swayed to the music, watching local politicians stir up the crowd.

“Are you fired up?” McLean’s Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee chairman, asked the cheering crowd. “Now is the time that really matters. We’ve got to make sure we drive this home. The wind is at our backs … The most important thing to do today is knock on doors!”

With just one month to go, volunteers felt a sense of urgency. “Now we’ve got a central meeting place to organize for President Obama,” said Kathleen. “We’re energized and united to get out and work.”

Overnight on Sunday, field organizers and volunteers transformed an old video store into the new downtown McLean Obama office. They painted a massive red-white-and-blue flag across the back wall, stripped and painted the side walls, and then covered them with signs. Field organizers lined up tables for phone banks, and hauled in Obama yard signs.

“We need all of you to help us in the field,” said Obama field organizer Stephen Kresse, a longtime McLean resident. “Visit neighbors down the street and tell them why you support President Obama. We’ve got to push these last couple of weeks.”

Virginia Rep. Jim Moran stirred up the crowd, telling them, “We’re all in this together. Now we have an opportunity to show what we believe in … That’s why we’ll go door to door. That’s why we’ll cover the phone banks and persuade our neighbors … Let’s get out and re-elect President Obama!”

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