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Office opening of the week: Greensburg, Pennsylvania

We’re starting something new today: each week we’ll be featuring one of the many field offices opening up in towns and communities across the country.

Four weeks ago the Greensburg, Pennsylvania field office was an empty space—no furniture, no people, no signs. Within two weeks it was decked out with tables, chairs, food, and posters for the opening night.

Greensburg is in a rural part of Pennsylvania, and many folks made a long drive out for the opening. Thomas Whitaker, a local field organizer, couldn’t believe the response:

“There was so much enthusiasm in the room,” he says. “We signed up over two-thirds of the people who came for volunteer shifts on the spot.

“Since we’ve opened more and more people have been stopping by. New volunteers are walking in, and a junior high school girl came in to find out how she and her friends could get involved.

“It’s just great more than six months out from the election people are so excited to be a part of this.”

If you’re in the Greensburg area, head down to the office to see what you can do to elect President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.

Use our new look up tool to find your nearest office, and keep up to date with office openings everywhere using #OpenDoors2012 on Twitter and Instagram.

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