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Office opening of the week: Atlanta, Georgia

A team of volunteers welcomed local supporters in the state of Georgia last weekend, swinging open the doors of the new Atlanta headquarters. It was a party in the street—and more than 600 energetic supporters showed up.

Southern Regional Field Director Jorge Neri was there, and he says the event was about more than great barbecue, music, and dancing.

“We also had folks phone bank for two hours and reach out to potential volunteers to ask them to come in for an organizational meeting.”

The new office is located in the heart of the city’s rich civil rights history, and Jorge says the power of the moment wasn’t lost on anyone.

“We had a lot of civil rights leaders at the office, and it was just a really great moment for them to reflect back on how far we’ve come and how now they’re there to help support the President’s re-election bid.”

Folks in Georgia are ready to pitch in between now and November to protect all the progress President Obama has made in his first term. And they’re willing to go the extra mile to do it, with plans to fan out to neighboring states and make sure voters are ready to support the President this fall.

“I think they understand that it’s important—they know the proximity to Florida and North Carolina, where we really need to make some things happen,” Jorge said. “I think they understand the importance of making calls and making trips and building an organization there to help us get to 270 electoral votes. And I think that we see that across the country in some of our other non-battleground states—that there are folks that are motivated, folks that really believe in what the President’s doing and want to find a way to get involved.”

From here on out, the Atlanta office will be a hub of activity with team meetings, phone banks, trainings, and more. The grand opening was a big success, and there’s more excitement on the horizon.

“I give a lot of credit to the Georgia team there,” Jorge said. “It was a large event and they ran it perfectly. I think people just had an overall good feeling like, it’s a green light, it’s time to really get things going. This is just the start of what we’re going to see out of Georgia.”

Georgia’s in for this election. Are you? Sign up to volunteer where you live.

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