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Off to a great start

We celebrated the grand opening of our first New Jersey office recently, with hundreds of supporters coming out to learn about ways to get involved with the campaign this year. As spring fellow Trip said:

“Our New Jersey launch was a tremendous success. We had almost 500 supporters of President Obama in attendance, from enthusiastic high school students looking to volunteer for the first time, to grassroots veterans eager to discover new ways to get involved.”

We kicked off the event at our office in North Brunswick with a rousing speech from New Jersey’s state director Jackie Cornell-Bechelli. Jackie talked about the great things President Obama has already accomplished, and stressed the importance of being engaged and involved with the campaign in your community. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of this campaign, she explained, and staying involved at the local level is key to making sure we re-elect the President this November.

It was a great night for all, and we signed up volunteers for more than 30 OFA New Jersey events in March, and many people picked up forms to register to vote for the first time.

Missed the event, but still want to get involved? Click here to find an event near you.

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