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OFA Wyoming HQ State of the Union House Party

State of the Union Watch Group 1

What a great night! All sorts of supporters were able to come to the Wyoming OFA office in Laramie to watch the State of the Union. Even after a bit of technical difficulties, the cheers continued throughout! Over 30 great supporters were able to cram into the office and the support they showed was overwhelming! Here is what some of them had to say about the speech:


Supporter Tony M.

"The president talked about hope and he talked about cooperation and I think those are really important issues. We are Americans after all. We need to work together to support our country and fix our country for all of us. The State of the Union was excellent."


Supporter Erin

"I'm excited that the President talked about jobs and bringing manufacturing back to this country, then rewarding those that bring jobs back from overseas. I'm glad he addressed that issue and addressed veterans and finding veterans jobs."


Supporter Bryon L.

"We had a great turnout. That was fantastic to see over 30 people in the room. There was lots of applause when the President started talking about education reform."

One thing I loved was when the President straightforwardly said the American public wants these tax breaks, they want to have that 40 dollars a month to spend, and also calling on Congress to vote for the best interest of the American public.

He is that one figure in Washington that will continue to be that figure working for me here in Wyoming"

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