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OFA's 13 favorite #StandWithWomen organizing moments of 2013

We stand with women by fighting for economic security, protecting access to health care, and supporting women’s leadership across the country. This year—from North Carolina to Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico—OFA volunteers took a stand—pink shoes and all. Here are OFA's favorite moments in a year of progress, as chosen by organizers themselves:

1. Voters in New Mexico spoke out in record numbers to protect women’s reproductive rights.

2. In June, something special happened in Austin.

3. And then something really special happened, as people across the state joined the fight in Austin.

4. In Columbus, Ohio, OFA and coalition partners stood up against attacks on women's reproductive rights.

5. And we stood up against restrictive laws in North Carolina.

6. Did you know two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women? OFA's campaign manager for women's issues, Kaili Lambe, and National Women's Law Center senior counsel, Julie Vogtman, hosted a live Facebook chat about why raising the minimum wage matters to women.

7. We launched the Women’s Leadership Corps and organized events for women's equality across the country.

8. OFA supporters started local Stand with Women chapters across the country in places like New Jersey.

9. And Nevada.

10. And Michigan.

11. And Illinois.

12. OFA supporters joined our partners in calling for a fair shot for women everywhere, fighting for a more secure economic future for women.

13. We put a spotlight on the benefits of Obamacare for women, like better access to affordable health care because insurance companies can no longer charge women more for coverage.

This year, states introduced more than 300 measures to roll back women’s rights. But OFA volunteers aren’t discouraged—they're even more motivated.

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