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OFA volunteers #TakeItToTheHouse for immigration reform

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Senate held a bipartisan vote to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Now OFA volunteers are putting pressure on the House of Representatives to step up and do the same.

Supporters across the country were out in force this week, urging their representatives to move immigration reform forward. In anticipation of yesterday's House Republican Caucus meeting with Speaker John Boehner, they were out in their communities making their voices heard.

  • Volunteers in Colorado ran a phone bank to talk one-on-one to the community about the importance of immigration reform.

  • An intersection in East Los Angeles, California was transformed into a Honk for Immigration Reform rally.

  • Organizers in Ohio gathered outside Speaker Boehner's office to show their support for comprehensive, compassionate reform.

  • OFA volunteers in New Jersey met with their Congressman, Rep. Chris Smith, to urge him to support immigration reform.

  • OFA Missouri organizers in St. Louis leafletted their local small businesses.

This fight isn't over yet. Following the House Republicans' meeting, OFA volunteers are determined to keep up the pressure and make reform a reality. Until there is a comprehensive immigration reform bill headed to President Obama's desk, our work continues. Say you'll join the fight.


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Liz Merrow