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OFA volunteers make more than 20,000 calls for immigration reform

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill with bipartisan support. Now the fight moves to the House of Representatives — and OFA supporters have already begun to act.

On Tuesday, OFA volunteers held a national call day of action, where supporters all across the country organized more than 100 phone banks, from Lebanon, Pa., to Waco, Texas, to John Boehner's home state in Springfield, Ohio. Nearly 600 volunteers made more than 20,000 calls in a single day.

Plano, TX

OFA Texas volunteers gathered in a local restaurant to encourage people to call Rep. Sam Johnson in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, volunteers got on the phone to urge their members of the House to follow their two republican senators’ leads and support comprehensive immigration reform.

Lebanon, PA

Volunteers gathered at a local restaurant to make calls and spread the word.

Reno, NV

Andrew from Reno proudly shows his support for reform while phone banking.

McClean, VA

Jose gets on the phone to encourage others to tell Rep. Frank Wolf to #TakeItToTheHouse.

Springfield, OH

Volunteers call Speaker John Boehner to urge him to act on comprehensive immigration reform.

This fight is far from over. Until the House sends President Obama legislation to fix our broken system, OFA volunteers continue to pressure lawmakers to get the job done.

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