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OFA's strategy on immigration reform

It's 2014—there's no excuse for Speaker Boehner and House leaders to ignore immigration reform any longer.

OFA's strategy is simple: drive up the pressure on a few dozen lawmakers whom we believe hold the key to getting comprehensive reform passed. We've identified 34 representatives we believe can pressure Speaker Boehner into finally holding a vote and moving forward on reform. Now it's all about executing this plan.

Watch OFA's immigration campaign manager Pedro Morillas explain—and pass it on to anyone you know who wants to win this fight:

The Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill last June—nearly seven months ago. Leaders in the House of Representatives have talked about immigration reform, but they've done nothing else.

Several House Republicans have come forward in support of reform, and if a vote were held today, it would pass. But so far, Speaker John Boehner is sitting on his hands.

In the meantime, thousands of hardworking families—folks who contribute to our economy and love this country—are waiting for action that will fix this broken immigration system.

Leaders in the House aren’t going to act on immigration unless volunteers like you make them feel the heat. That’s why we’re calling on these key lawmakers to pressure House leadership into making immigration reform a reality.

Call on these representatives to act
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