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Want to make a difference?

“I’d like to get involved in politics, but I just don’t know how.” This is a refrain that I’ve heard time and time again during my work as a community organizer.

For most folks, it’s not a matter of having the desire to work on important issues like health care reform, comprehensive immigration reform, and climate change—it's a matter of how. They want to make a difference and that means finding the right way to tap into a movement that is greater than any single person.

As someone who got his start in progressive politics by volunteering, take it from me—the OFA Spring Fellowship program is the opportunity for you.

The OFA Spring Fellowship program will start in February and last through April. You can take part in one of two tracks: full-time, for those who are able to fully immerse themselves in the program, or part-time, for those who already have a jam-packed schedule. Whichever you choose, you’ll make meaningful contributions and learn a ton along the way.

As a fellow, you'll work closely with OFA staff and other volunteer leaders in your community to advance the issues that you care most passionately about. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of community organizing—from having one-on-one conversations with supporters to putting together large-scale events like phone banks and press conferences.

Once the fellowship is over, you’ll be well-equipped to advance the progressive movement as a whole. And you’ll have new skills and friendships that you’ll cherish forever. Who knows, maybe you or someone you meet will be the next Barack Obama.

This is going to be the biggest Fellows program ever. Don’t miss out—apply today.

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