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The next generation of progressive organizers is here

At 56 training sites across the country, more than 1,700 Spring Fellows were invited to spend their weekend immersed in intensive training—the first sessions of many to come—developing the skills that will drive their activism this spring.

Check out some of the highlights from around the country:

Dallas, Texas—Some of Texas's 30 new progressive organizers proudly represent their state, and their cause.

Washington, D.C.—116 Spring Fellows from OFA Virginia and OFA D.C. were hard at work all day, but they took a break from training for an Organizer Stretch: "stretch to the left.. now stretch to the right—but just a little bit!"

State College, Pennsylvania—Team spirit was overflowing at Penn State from OFA Lions!

Los Angeles, California—Spring Fellows from SoCal took time to share personal stories and get to know each other.

Nashville, Tennessee—The Spring Fellows of Tennessee succinctly summed up why they were there with a Vine video.

The training events generated so much exciting social media content that #OFAFellows trended nationally Twitter!

This crop of Spring Fellows is made up of the very best organizers, carefully chosen from the largest applicant pool we've ever received. For the next three months, they will recruit volunteers, plan local events, coordinate issue campaigns—and then use all of that hands-on experience to change the world.

Progressive advocacy is always fueled by the energy and idealism of volunteers, but we need leadership experience to effectively create change. When the Spring Fellows depart from OFA as seasoned organizers, their accomplishments will have only just begun.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to share the stories and successes of the 2014 OFA Spring Fellows in blog posts and on social media—stay tuned!
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