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Hundreds of events, thousands of people

It’s January. Schools are abuzz with the beginning of a new session, projects and activities are up and running after the holidays, and in many places, it’s just plain cold. Nevertheless, thousands of folks came out to attend hundreds of watch parties hosted by OFA volunteers and cheered along as the President called the country to action on issues like raising the minimum wage, equal pay, immigration reform, and affordable health care.

As someone who works in digital organizing, I’m used to seeing lots of activity on social networks. During the President's speech, however, it was off the charts—it was truly inspiring to see how passionate Americans are about taking action to make real progress. Here are just a few of the highlights of the night:

Visalia, California—A new OFA Spring Fellow ran a State of the Union watch party in Visalia, California. All of the attendees were new folks, excited to get together with like-minded people and connect on the issues they care about.

Miami Beach, Florida—Some of the favorite topics at this watch party were raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, and education.

Charlotte, North Carolina—While North Carolina experienced some unseasonably bad weather, volunteers in Charlotte didn’t let that stop them from gathering for the State of the Union.

Brooklyn, New York—And in New York City, new faces gathered to show their support for the President’s agenda and committed to #OFAction in 2014.

Charlottesville, Virginia—While waiting for the speech to begin, new Fellows in Virginia made calls to make sure folks didn’t miss out on upcoming events.

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Six bold volunteers braved sub-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions to make it to a State of the Union watch party. “We had a blast cheering on President Obama and all of the great ideals he outlined tonight," said Amber. "Our two veterans in attendance were so excited to see the President's continuing commitment to veterans.”

See more photos and tweets from the watch parties.

The issues the President discussed affect us all, and we can follow his lead to make this a year of action. Say you’re in this with the rest of us—say you’ll take #OFAction in 2014.

I'm in

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