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OFA presents the Climate Denier Awards

Climate change deniers have said some ridiculous things in the past, making excuses for why they don't believe in climate change that would be funny if the issue wasn't so serious.

To call out elected officials who have decided to turn their back on hard scientific evidence, OFA volunteers have already been tweeting at their members of Congress this week, telling them that #ScienceSaysSo on climate change reality. Now they're taking it to the next level, serving ridiculousness for ridiculousness.

These awards are as real as the scientific evidence saying climate change is happening, and the volunteers who are delivering them are hoping they will serve as a physical reminder that their constituents will hold these lawmakers accountable to their votes on climate issues.

Follow the hashtag #ClimateDenierAward today to see the deliveries in action, and then take the next step. Say you'll stand with the President and act on climate change.

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