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OFA Offices Create Communities

The OFA Albuquerque Headquarters is a place where everyone knows your name. You can stop in for a couple of hours, any day, any time and they will put you to work. The quiet hum of computers and camaraderie pulls you in to work and hang out with like minded individuals.

I can drop in almost any time. Pam, Tomás, or Liz never fail to call me, or anyone else by name, as they search for an appropriate job that can be done in the allotted time between grandchildren, job, and lofty chores such as getting the tires rotated. Since the 2010 elections, I have had a place to go to work for change, a place to spend pent up energy that had been gathering in a storm of frustration over long wars, a teetering economy, etc, etc.


Before President Obama and the DNC created Organizing for America it was lonely for Democrats. There was no where to go, no where to commiserate with kindred spirits who were frustrated with the status quo and seeking change. I was envious that others seemed to be better at finding community. Now we have Obama for America – New Mexico which is evolving into a neighborhood of sorts. We make calls together, have cooking and travel nights, and gatherings for the holiday season.

Political action can be fun when it involves not only a worthy cause, but also friendship and community. We are fortunate to have OFA. Come by the office in Albuquerque or Santa Fe and feel the sense of community amongst supporters and volunteers. For more information contact us at [email protected] or follow @OFA_NM or Facebook.

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