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OFA NH Summer Organizer: Week One in the Lebanon


My first week on this adventure as a summer organizer has been nothing that I could have ever imagined. If you told me what we were going to accomplish in one week on the job, I probably would have thought that you were exaggerating. Yet, looking back at it, this first week seems like nothing compared to what we can (and will) accomplish over the summer for our President.

Our first weekend was spent with an intense training session. The New Hampshire summer organizers all spent the time learning the tools needed to organize communities, to build support, and to build relationships with people we meet. We also learned the tools that would enable us to find out who we are as people, supporters, organizers, and active citizens.

Starting Monday, we took all of those tools that we learned and entered the field. My turf is the Lebanon area and the Upper Valley region. I spent the first day exploring the town and surrounding areas and getting used to my new home for the summer. On Monday night, the real work began. We called potential voters and members of the community in order to schedule one-on-one meetings for the upcoming weeks. These meetings are being held to talk about the concerns, issues, and accomplishments that were most important to folks. We want to really hear the input and feedback from our grassroots supporters because it is important to us to have them build and shape this campaign.

The rest of the week was spent making hundreds of calls, holding one on one meetings, and doing things that none of us thought was possible.

If you asked me a week ago what I would be doing, I would not have even dreamed of what this has become. If you asked me if I would have felt as tired, spent, and exhausted as I am now, I would have probably have said that you’re crazy. And yet, I have never been prouder of the work that I am doing. I go to sleep excited about what the next day brings, knowing that being a summer organizer is who I am.

This is not a position, job, or internship. For the next 8 weeks, summer organizing is who I AM.

Check out what is happening in the rest of the state and join me at an upcoming event!

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