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OFA NH Summer Organizer Training 2011: FIRED UP, READY TO GO!

This past Saturday and Sunday, 45 Summer Organizers from all over New Hampshire and from across the country came to Concord to begin their summer of volunteer work with Granite Staters, building the grassroots foundation for a unstoppable 2012 campaign for President Obama. Enthusiastic and energetic people from all age groups joined together to learn about New Hampshire politics, how to empower volunteers, and how to create strong neighborhood teams.

These summer organizers will spend the next few months meeting face-to-face with supporters across the state, getting their feedback, hearing what they want from the 2012 campaign, and taking their advice on how to best organize for victory in their neighborhoods.

“This training weekend was challenging and fun at the same time, and I met people from all walks of life.”, said Summer Organizer Joel S., “It was a great way to kick off what will be an exciting and intense nine weeks."

Nathan D., a Summer Organizer who will be working in Derry added, “It’s not a job. It’s not an internship. Organizing is going to be my lifestyle!”

The two-day training was really inspiring and the Summer Organizers are really excited about getting into their communities and beginning the conversation about how we win in 2012. Emily M., who will be working in the Concord area, said “After training, I realized that that this is going to be one of the most exhausting, yet exhilarating experiences of my life. But I'm fired up and ready to go; ready to make a difference in New Hampshire"

If you hear from one of our Summer Organizers over the next couple of weeks, please take some time, meet them for coffee and let them know what you think we need to do in 2012! We are really looking for genuine and honest feedback from the most reliable resources: you. In the meantime, please check out our events page to see what is happening in your area, send us your “I’m IN!” photo to add to our collection on facebook, follow us on Twitter or send us an email for more information.

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