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Looking back: OFA's fight to end the government shutdown

Congress wasn't the only one paying attention to OFA supporters over the past few weeks—the media was watching as well. Check out a few of the headlines that came out of #EndThisNow grassroots action events.

Volunteers take action outside Speaker of the House John Boehner's office in Butler, Ohio.

* Allentown protesters urge end to government shutdown, debt ceiling crisis, The Express-Times—Allentown, Pennsylvania
On the threat to allow a default on our debt, OFA's Lehigh Valley chapter president Mark Aurand said: "It's taken 200 years to build up that credit rating. Do we really want to tear it down now over political arguments?"

* Rally In Bozeman to end government shutdown, ABC/FOX Bozeman—Bozeman, Montana
"We are calling on congress, especially Representative Daines, to do absolutely everything they can to vote to end the shutdown and to vote to raise the debt ceiling," said Nina Grey.

* Federal employees, allies call for end to shutdown, Labor Tribune—St. Louis, Missouri
“We are here because a narrow, slim margin of individuals on Capitol Hill chose to hold the American economy hostage because they couldn’t get their way on Obamacare,” said James Page Jr., St. Louis Chapter Lead of Organizing for Action. Page urged participants to contact their representatives in Congress to insist that they pass a clean continuing resolution to end the shutdown.

* Fort Wayne protesters call for vote on shutdown, The Journal Gazette—Fort Wayne, Indiana
In honor of Representative Martin Stutzman's remarkable admission that there was no clear point to the shutdown, volunteers chanted: “Marlin Stutzman, What do you want?” “I don’t know.” “When you do you want it?” “Now."

Organizers and volunteers nationwide on Tuesday turned up in their communities at nearly 100 grassroots events in over 50 different key congressional districts.

Now that the government shutdown has ended and the threat of default has ended, Congress can get back to the real work of the American people—and OFA will be right there making sure they do. Join in today and say you'll keep Congress focused on solving real problems.

Tell Congress: It's time for real work
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