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OFA's 13 favorite immigration reform organizing moments of 2013

We made a lot of progress towards making comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 and we aren't done yet. Take a look at OFA organizers' favorite moments in the fight for reform this year.

1. This group of excited volunteers was among the hundreds across the country who held screenings of the documentary The Dream is Now.

2. Senators from both sides of the aisle came together to produce a common-sense immigration reform bill.

3. And in June, the Senate passed the bill with strong bipartisan support.

4. Then our volunteers moved forward, saying it's time to #TakeItToTheHouse.

5. As we fought for reform, several lawmakers in the House of Representatives joined the call, voicing their support for a pathway to citizenship, including Congressman Aaron Schock.

And Congressman Paul Ryan.

And Congressman Jeff Denham.

6. The #StandWith campaign showed the diversity of voices from all across the country calling for reform.

7. In October, folks in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and across the nation held huge events for immigration reform.

8. Across the country, supporters used art to inspire action.

9. Organizing for immigration reform takes many forms—writing letters, sharing stories, conversations with our elected officials, and training new friends.

This is what organizing looks like:

10. Volunteers joined a roundtable discussion in Ames, Iowa, featuring DREAMers and Senators.

11. Ken Salazar, former Secretary of the Interior and former U.S. Senator, joined OFA volunteers in Colorado in the fight for immigration reform.

12. We stood in solidarity with Fast for Families, who camped out on the National Mall to draw attention to the moral imperative for immigration reform.

And this happened:

13. We are keeping the fight going into 2014 by calling out dozens of representatives by name, asking each to be a leader by pressuring Speaker Boehner to bring comprehensive immigration reform to a vote in the House.

Once-in-a-generation comprehensive immigration reform will provide an earned pathway to citizenship for millions of people and boost our economy—and it is closer to passing than ever. The urgency is clear, and you can be part of finishing the job. Chip in today to support this fight.

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