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OFA's 13 favorite #ActOnClimate organizing moments of 2013

Climate change is real, dangerous, and man-made—and 97% of scientists agree. In 2013, OFA volunteers delivered unicorn statues, called out climate deniers, and helped educate their communities in order to change the debate on climate change. Take a look at our 13 favorite climate organizing moments of the year.

1. Scientists agreed. #ScienceSaysSo.

2. OFA called Speaker Boehner out for being a climate denier.

3. OFA New Hampshire delivered a Climate Denier Award to Senator Kelly Ayotte—in the form of a unicorn.

And in Indiana, Rep. Todd Young accepted his Climate Denier Award from OFA volunteers.

All together, OFA volunteers hand-delivered more than 100 awards to members of Congress.

4. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse delivered his 50th floor speech on climate change, calling on his colleagues to act on climate.

5. OFA supporters in Sonoma County, California, fought for clean energy in Santa Rosa—and won. The city council voted unanimously to switch to clean power by joining the Sonoma Clean Power Authority.

6. OFA and the League of Conservation Voters teamed up to unleash a secret weapon on climate change deniers: Adrian Grenier, a NASA scientist, and a 4th grader.

7. OFA's Marin County chapter held a conversation on climate change and clean energy with California Congressman Jared Huffman.

8. In communities across the nation, volunteers like Christiane in Pennsylvania are telling their neighbors about the benefits of switching to clean energy.

9. OFA held educational forums across the country in places like the University of Michigan.

10. And a national day of action to collect petitions to support the EPA’s action on climate.

11. In October, volunteers everywhere came together to remember the lives lost and damage done because of Hurricane Sandy.

12. Supporters gathered to watch Chasing Ice, a powerful documentary showing the impact climate change is having on our environment.

13. And best of all, thousands of volunteers stood up across the country to #ActOnClimate.

There is more work to be done to make sure we leave the Earth a better, safer place for future generations. Chip in and help keep progress going in 2014.
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