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¡Obamanos Otra Vez!

I was born and raised in the South Valley, and I know how important Hispanic communities will be in determining the outcome of this year's election.

Hispanics make up a whopping 46.3% of our state's total population — the largest single ethnic group in the state. And, as a Hispanic, I couldn't be prouder of the work I'm doing to re-elect President Obama.

Since day one, the President has been working to promote opportunity in our communities -- not just here in New Mexico, but across the country.

The facts:

  • Barack Obama helped keep more than two million Hispanics out of poverty with the Recovery Act he signed into law.
  • He cut payroll taxes for 25 million Hispanics.
  • And he has expanded tax cuts to include 3.74 million more Hispanic families.

President Obama's leadership on health care reform will provide health coverage to 9 million Hispanics who currently lack coverage by 2014.

To help pave the path to success in our Hispanic communities, he has also worked to improve education. In fact, he's made a billion-dollar investment in Hispanic Serving Institutions, such as community colleges.

La realidad: President Obama is working hard for the Hispanic community. It's time to work hard for him!

New Mexico's Hispanic communities will play a vital role in this election. Our efforts will determine how New Mexico ultimately ends up voting in November and will fuel the national conversation about Hispanic participation in this election.

Please get involved today. Text NM to 62262 for updates on how you can help in your area, or go to to join the movement.

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