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"I really believe in this"

I own a small consulting business in Long Island City, New York, and my wife is a self-employed visual artist. We both really love what we do, but running a business is demanding and staying healthy is very important—when you’re out sick, you lose business. While we've been fortunate enough to be able to afford health insurance on our own for the past four years, we kept finding holes in our coverage—especially if we needed to see a specialist or get care beyond a standard checkup.

When the New York State health insurance marketplace opened on October 1st, we jumped at the chance to find a better plan. Honestly, what took the most time was researching which plan would be best of my wife and I. We did our due diligence on the health plan options available to us in the exchange, researching each company and comparing their coverage options and networks of doctors and specialists.

The initial sign-up process took no more than 15 to 20 minutes and fortunately we experienced no problems with the website. Once our research was done, the rest of the enrollment process took about another 20 minutes, so less than one hour in total. While I was happy with the easy sign-up process, I was thrilled by the fact that my wife and I will save $250 per month on our monthly premiums alone.

That’s $3,000 per year back in our pockets—money we can use to grow our businesses or to take a much-needed vacation together! We’re thankful for the savings from Obamacare, but equally important is that feeling of security we now have in knowing we have the coverage we need, when we need it.

Basic health care for all Americans should be a right, not a privilege. I have faith Obamacare will succeed in the end because it is the right direction for our country. My wife and I are proof that the health insurance marketplace does in fact work and deliver meaningful savings for people like us every day.
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