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Spreading the word: Obamacare is working

With just two weeks to go before the new health insurance marketplaces open nationwide, OFA volunteers are working hard to make sure their neighbors have all the facts. Millions of Americans with insurance are already starting to see better coverage at lower costs, thanks to Obamacare. When the marketplaces open on October 1st, millions of uninsured Americans will be able sign up for affordable coverage options as well—many for the first time.

That's why on September 16th, more than 900 volunteers attended 130 events across the country to spread awareness about the benefits of Obamacare.

Milwaukee, WI - OFA-WI volunteers spoke to a local TV crew about the ways Obamacare helps provide middle class security.

Philadelphia, PA – OFA-PA volunteers, including a nurse, handed out flyers throughout downtown to educate people on the benefits of the law.

Los Angeles, CA – OFA-CA volunteers hosted a seminar on the ways Obamacare will help their community.

New Orleans, LA – OFA-LA volunteers worked the French Quarter, talking to people about the benefits of Obamacare.

Oakland, CA – Serena Perez spoke to OFA-CA volunteers about her experience overcoming ovarian cancer and the importance of having quality health care.

Columbia, MD – OFA-MD volunteers set up shop outside a local hardware store to talk to their neighbors about Obamacare.

Natchitoches, LA – Volunteers young and old represented OFA-LA on Monday, making sure that folks know the importance of Obamacare.

See more tweets and photos from Monday's events below.

Learn more about how Obamacare is helping millions of people. Then help spread the word.

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